Family Matters @ School

What is Family Matters @ School?
Supported by the Ministry of Social and Family Development, Family Matters@School (FMS) aims to equip parents with skills to nurture positive family relationships.

The Family Matters@School programme is carried out in the school, so that parents can easily get access to family life programmes that will help them better
connect with their children. Examples of family life programmes include regular parenting talks, parent-child bonding workshops, and invitation to the annual
Marriage Convention and Parenting Congress.

Parenting Talks
Our monthly Parenting Talks are usually held on a weekday evening or Saturday morning, so that parents will be available to join us for the talks.
Here are some examples of the parenting talks that we have organized in Teck Whye Primary School:

  • • Helping my child cope with exam stress
  • • Communicating with my child
  • • Raising motivated children
  • • AQ & EQ for your child
  • • Cybersafety for my child
  • • Transition to secondary school
  • • The five love languages
  • • The DISC Profiles of Parenting
  • • Honey, where is the $?” – Financial. Time. Stress Management

Parent-Child Bonding Workshops
Besides parenting talks, Parent-Child Bonding Workshops are also held during the school holidays for parents to spend meaningful time with their children.
Previous workshops include:

  • • Communication through Sandwich Making
  • • Innovate Sculpey
  • • Formula One – The Drive to Family Success

Upcoming Family Matters @ School Programmes
For a list of our upcoming Family Matters@School programmes in Teck Whye Primary School, please click here.

Who to Contact?
If you are interested to join our upcoming Family Matters@School (FMS) programmes, please feel free to call us at 6769 1012 and leave a message for
our FMS coordinator, Mrs Begum, or email her directly at