P5 Level Experience

Resilience is the school value that the P5 pupils in TWPS focus on. The highlight of being a P5 Teck Whyean is definitely the Internationalisation Trip to places like Nanjing, Sarawak and Malacca. Every pupil is given the opportunity to go for a trip, which aims to build resilience and independence in the child.

Another highlight for a P5 pupil is the National Education (NE) Show which is held before National Day. They will get to experience the Red Lions in action, feel the ear-deafening sonic booms caused by the fighter jets and view the mass display performances and the beautiful fireworks with their own eyes.

As part of the Social Studies syllabus, P5 pupils will set off on an exciting voyage to learn about maritime history and its significance in Singapore at the Maritime Experiential Museum. They will also get to find out more about the nautical achievements and the lives of people in ancient China and India. Pupils will be transported through time in 15 thematic galleries, journey in the tailwinds of renowned seafarers, and even flee pirate invaders aboard a burning ship. Pupils will also get to view the “Jewel of Muscat” – the actual ship that made a five-month, 5 000km trip along an ancient trade route from Oman to Singapore in 2010, using only sailing techniques available in the 9th century.

To help each Teck Whyean be a Healthy Individual, P5 pupils will attend golf as part of their Sports Education Programme. Through this programme, pupils learn more about the game of golf, as well as the proper techniques of swinging and hitting the golf ball.