P3 Level Experience

A P3 Teck Whyean goes through various programmes that help the pupil to inculcate in pupils the school value of Respect. In order to strengthen pupils’ understanding and cultivate their appreciation of the different cultural and ethnic groups in Singapore, the P3 pupils will go on a Field-based Learning trip to Little India. This experience will give them an opportunity to discover the rich and vibrant heritage of the Indian community and learn about the different dried spices and their traditional uses by the local community. Pupils will also get to explore the stories and experiences of early Indian migrants and pioneers, and be inspired by their contributions to the development of Singapore today through five interactive permanent galleries of the Indian Heritage Centre.

To help each Teck Whyean be a Healthy Individual, P3 pupils will attend the Swimsafer programme as part of their Sports Education Programme. This programme aims to equip pupils with water survival skills and swimming proficiency. At the end of the programme, pupils will be assessed on their ability to demonstrate water safety and swimming proficiency through a practical and theory test. A certificate of achievement will be awarded to pupils who have successfully attained swimming proficiency.

P3 pupils will also get to visit the Singapore Science Centre for a lesson on animals that aims to help them understand the different animal groups taught during Science lessons better. They will observe animals in their respective habitats during a tour of the animal zone in the Science Centre.

The pupils will also go through the test for Gifted Education Programme (GEP) which identifies gifted pupils to allow them to move into the GEP stream. The GEP Screening Exercise is an optional test conducted by all Primary Schools to identify intellectually gifted pupils to realise their full potential in an educational environment that is designed to stimulate their intellectual growth.

Local pupils will get to buddy their international friends to visit Images of Singapore Live! This gives participants a chance to discover the colourful story of Singapore, from a humble fishing village to the 21st century powerhouse - told through live actors, special effects and immersive theming.

P3 pupils taking Chinese as their Mother Tongue Language will participate in the Cultural Performance Exposure Scheme (CPES). This scheme aims to expose the pupils to Chinese Language-related cultural performances  by local or international performing arts groups, to inculcate in them the passion of learning the Chinese Language and Culture.

P3 pupils will also undergo  4 PAL (Programme for Active Learning) Drama lessons during their FTGP lessons. Through dramatisation techniques and role-playing, they will learn how to appreciate and acknowledge the differences between themselves and their peers, being respectful of each other’s space and showing compassion to people in need.