P6 Level Experience

As a culmination of their journey with Teck Whye Primary School, the focus for our P6 pupils is our school value of Excellence. Throughout this year, pupils will get to take part in programmes which aim to bring out the best in every child.

To promote a greater appreciation of the Arts, P6 Teck Whyeans will attend Percussion enrichment lessons, watch theatre productions and have an in-depth study of a chosen literature text. The pupils will also gain a deeper appreciation of Mother Tongue through the various activities carried out during Mother Tongue Fortnight.

To encourage pupils to be more environmentally aware, the Primary 6 pupils will be going to Gardens by the Bay for their Social Studies Field-based Learning. They will learn about deforestation and how it contributes to global warming through the “Where Did My Home Go” educational tour.

P6 pupils will learn the proper techniques of bowling taught by certified coaches as part of the Sports Education Programme. They will also learn about social and dining etiquette through a hands-on workshop.

Lastly, the pupils’ TWPS journey is brought to a closure with the P6 Graduation Tea. During this celebration, pupils put up performances which showcase their talents and at the same time, allow the pupils to reminisce about their time in Teck Whye Primary School before they move on to their next stage in life.