Parents Support Group

Parents are crucial stakeholders to the school. We are thankful for a group of parents who have volunteered their services to the school to enrich the lives of the pupils.

The PSG help our Primary 1 pupils settle into the school, especially during the recess. They are in the canteen to help pupils during recesses.

The PSG are also actively involved in the school’s events. They significantly contribute to the organization and management of school events. Not only that, they also design stage decorations to create the right atmosphere for events. They help with event booths, promoting the culture of various ethnic groups, National Education messages, green messages and many more. Furthermore, they put up unique and vibrant performances on special occasions.

Parent Volunteers accompany pupils on learning journeys and competitions. They are always ready and willing to lend a hand.

We deeply appreciate the time and effort put in by the PSG and we welcome more parents to come on board.