Confident Communicators

Dharshni clinched third place in Babble and Speak, a national speech competition in 2018. She was undaunted by the stiff competition and remained cool and confident on stage. The judges were won over with her moving, poetic speech written from the perspective of the ocean!

Healthy Individuals

Our students subvert stereotypes and stand out in their co-curricular activities. Jermine has no qualms about being a girl participating in soccer games. As healthy individual, she pursue her passions with great vigor.

Adaptive Leaders

As a senior pupil councillor, Alfred leads by example and works cohesively with every member in the school community. This year, he is working with a team of fellow pupil councillors to raise funds for the SPD, which serves people with disabilities. Teck Whye Primary is proud to have adaptive leaders like Alfred, who is making a difference in society!

Model Citizens

Rebecca advocates for the environment in her role as a Green Officer, while Prabhu encourages his schoolmates to adopt healthy habits as a Health Ambassador. Zander and Ralinka, assistant class councillors of their classes, also exhibit exemplary behaviour in leading and supporting their classmates. They are just a few of our many students who consistenly exhibit our school values. They readily step forward to lend a helping hand to others without hesitation, thus earning respect from their peers.

Passionate Learners

At Teck Whye, we develop learners who think critically and are self-directed. Jovin does his own research on Physical Education and shares them with his classmates. Adil discovers facts outside of the curriculum and explains concepts to help his friends understand better. “We love learning new things,” they quip.


2nd Letter from the Principal (with response to 2019-nCoV)

February 10, 2020

Home-Based Learning Package for Students in the Event of a School Closure


Letter from the Principal (with response to 2019-nCoV)

February 6, 2020

Teck Whye Primary School’s Precautionary Measures in Response to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)


Primary School Subject-Based Banding

January 21, 2020


Subject-based Banding (Pri) provides greater flexibility for your child by offering him the option of a combination of standard and foundation subjects, depending on his strengths.


Sexuality Education

January 28, 2019

Moe Sexuality Education in Schools


Getting Started with Parents Gateway

January 4, 2019

Parents Gateway mobile application is now available for our school.


Social Media