P1 Level Experience

As a new pupil in Teck Whye Primary School, the focus for the pupil will be on Discovery. Pupils are encouraged to discover their likes and dislikes, discover new friends and even discover latent talents. To do so, our P1 pupils go through multiple new experiences which include Taekwondo, English Speech and Drama, and Percussion Tubes music enrichment.

All P1 pupils will undergo Programme for Active Learning (PAL) during curriculum time. It gives our pupils the opportunities to discover new interests, learn new skills and build their characters. It also helps them to develop their self-confidence and forge new friendships with their peers. PAL is also a platform where pupils learn to find ways to solve problems and how to make good decisions to solve them.  In PAL, pupils are exposed to varied and fun-learning experiences in four domains: Outdoor Education, Sports and Games, Performing Arts and Visual Arts.

To help each Teck Whyean be a Healthy Individual, P1 pupils will attend taekwondo lessons as part of their Sports Education Programme. Through this programme, pupils learn more about taekwondo, as well as pick up some self-defence skills.

Pupils also discover that there is more to English and Mother Tongue languages through Speech and Drama lessons, theatre experience and Mother Tongue Fortnight. Pupils will also learn to use a e-learning platform, Koobits, which allows pupils to learn Mathematics in a fun and engaging way.

Besides these, pupils will also embark on an educational journey to discover NEWater, Singapore’s Third National Tap. They will learn about the importance of water sustainability to Singapore’s independence and better appreciate the efforts that have been invested into developing NEWater to strengthen our water security and drought resilience.