Our Special Interest Groups

Our CCA are designed to cater to our pupils’ holistic well-being. We believe that we need to help pupils develop the skills, values and attitudes to manage their learning, emotional development, social interactions and physical well-being. Equipping them with the appropriate skills and nurturing the right attitudes and dispositions will help them to lead wholesome lives well into their teenage years and adulthood.

Special Interest Groups (Fridays)Day / Time Teachers-in-Charge Email AddressesDescription

English Culture and Language Club Fridays / 2.15-4.15pm Mdm Nurul Huda

Ms Sharmaine Tan

Mdm Syafiqah Sairi

Miss Olivia Ng




Members will hone their skills as media producers as well as aspiring public speakers and budding writers. They will be given opportunities to showcase their talents in competitions within school and beyond. Skills include content and research, creative writing, editing and public speaking/storytelling.
Green Club Fridays / 2.15-4.15pm Ms Yip Lai Kheng

Mr River Ho

Ms Florence Loo

Ms Win Wa Soe





Members will develop awareness of environmental issues, equipped with skills to help instill environmental awareness in the school and community and learn to be adaptive leaders to plan and lead programmes to promote environmental awareness.
Student Council Fridays / 2.15-4.15pm Mdm Farhanah Banu

Ms Karen Ong

Ms Estherelda Chin

Mrs Patricia Lee





Student Councilors are nominated and selected by teachers based on their enactment of the CHAMPs values and their ability to be role models to their peers. During the weekly sessions, they will learn basic leadership and communication skills in order to contribute effectively in maintaining a caring and nurturing environment in the school.
AVA Club Fridays / 2.15-4.15pm Mr Sebastian Lim

Ms Zuraidah Mistam

Mr Glenn Wong




The AVA Club provides the school with critical support during major school events, as well as daily operations. Students are trained to operate basic audio-visual equipment and troubleshoot simple issues. They will be exposed to different AV equipment and understand its functions and features.