Our Clubs & Societies

Our CCA are designed to cater to our pupils’ holistic well-being. We believe that we need to help pupils develop the skills, values and attitudes to manage their learning, emotional development, social interactions and physical well-being. Equipping them with the appropriate skills and nurturing the right attitudes and dispositions will help them to lead wholesome lives well into their teenage years and adulthood.

Clubs & Societies Day / Time Teachers-in-Charge Email Addresses Description
Design and Innovation Club Thursdays / 2.15-4.15pm Dr Leslie Toh

Mrs Cynthia Chang

Mdm Nurshirah

Mdm Juraida

Mdm Lim Choon Lee






Members will learn to solve real life problems with the Design Thinking process. They will work with other members of the CCA and use various recyclable materials to make interesting things that will help to solve real life problems. They will also learn and do 3D modelling, 3D printing and computer programming as senior members of the CCA (Primary 4 to Primary 6).
InfoComm Club Thursdays / 2.15-4.15pm Ms Gan Yehli

Ms Lin Yanhua

Ms Siti Amirah

Ms Angela Lai

Mdm Masnah

Ms Michelle Choy

Ms Aisha

Mr Alvin









Members will learn a variety of skills in information and communications technology (ICT) such as programming, photography and videography. They will get to produce different media to showcase school events, solve problems and advocate current issues.