Our Sports

Our CCA are designed to cater to our pupils’ holistic well-being. We believe that we need to help pupils develop the skills, values and attitudes to manage their learning, emotional development, social interactions and physical well-being. Equipping them with the appropriate skills and nurturing the right attitudes and dispositions will help them to lead wholesome lives well into their teenage years and adulthood.

Sports Day / Time Teachers-in-Charge Email Addresses Description
Badminton Thursdays / 2.15-4.15pm


Fridays / 2.15-4.15pm (Developmental Team)

Ms Jovita Wong

Mr Jagindran

Mdm Lynn Yeo

Ms Izzati





Members will be developed in their skills for game-play. Drills and set-plays will be applied in a fun and engaging manner. High-progress students will be channeled to the competitive team and represent the school in the National Schools Games.
Basketball Thursdays / 2.15-4.15pm Mdm Zuraidah Hamdan

Mdm Sutha Krishnan

Mr Sebastian Lim





Members will be exposed to the rules and skills in basketball through small-sided games. Ball-handling skills will also be emphasised. Intra-group competition will also be held to sustain interest and competitiveness.
Football Thursdays / 2.15-4.15pm Mr Shamsudin

Mdm Azlina

Mr Dennes Tai

Mr Glenn Wong





Members will be developed in individual ball control and small-sided team games that simulate real-game situations. Training sessions are organized in a structured manner and also focuses on fun and character development. Some members will get the opportunity to represent the school in the National Schools Games.
Self-Defence Sports Thursdays / 2.15-4.15pm Mdm Chong Sieh Yern

Ms Yoong Cai Ngo




Members will be exposed to different types of self-defence martial arts at a basic level, namely wushu and taekwondo. Teambuilding games will also be organized to hone students’ leadership and problem-solving skills.
Track & Field Club Thursdays / 2.15-4.15pm Mdm Mari

Mdm Nerwati

Mdm Mary

Ms Marilyn Tor





Members will be put through critical drills to hone their speed, agility, power and strength in the 3 areas of track and field – run, jump and throw. Some members will get the opportunity to represent the school in the National Schools Games.