I Lead, I Serve

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Teck Whye Primary School’s second niche programme, based on Kouzes and Posner’s Leadership Model, aims to develop leadership in all students so that they can be confident individuals.

As part of student leadership development, a broad range of experiences will be provided for all students. This is to encourage an understanding of leadership through the total curriculum and varied activities, especially those that involve contribution and service to others. Students will not only be able to develop their individual capacity to lead but will also be taught how to collaborate and influence others in a responsible manner. This will be delivered through the various school programmes and events.

Some of the key school programmes and events that have explicit integration of the leadership elements are Form-teacher Guidance Period (FTGP), Co-Curricular Activities (CCA), Values in Action (VIA), P4 Adventure Camp and P5 Internationalisation Trips. Other leadership opportunities given to the students include leadership roles that are class based, level based or school based.
With the heart to serve other, students will become true leaders who will contribute and serve those around them.