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Languages and Arts

Languages and Arts


The LANetwork is designed to cater to our pupils’ development as effective and confident communicators as well as to appreciate the aesthetics. We believe that all pupils need to develop skills in effective communication and collaboration through both digital and non-digital platforms. Equipping them with communication and collaboration skills will allow pupils to analyse global issues and trends, and display socio-cultural skills and sensitivity.

Signature Programmes

  • Language Development Programmes for English and Mother Tongue covering different areas such as speech and drama, debating, e-journalism and digital story-telling
  • Learning Support for basic English literacy development and Mother Tongue learning
  • English Literature Appreciation Programme
  • Current Affairs
  • Theatre Appreciation Experiences
  • Higher Chinese texts are introduced from P1
  • Structured Art Programme includes manga, aboriginal art, Chinese brush painting
  • Structured Music Programme covering ukulele, digital music composition
  • Applied Learning Programme – Media Whiz Kids! (Explained here)
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