The Edusave Award for Achievement, Good Leadership and Service (EAGLES) is given by the government annually to Singaporean pupils to recognize pupils’ leadership qualities, service rendered to the school and the community, and excellence in non-academic activities. Up to 10% of students from each school selected will receive an award amounting to $250 from MOE.

The school adopts a stringent process in the selection of award recipients based on teachers’ recommendations and the pupils’ CCA records (Achievement, Leadership or Service). In addition, these pupils will have to pass their school examinations and attain a conduct grade of ‘Good’ or better to qualify.
We are pleased to announce the recipients of the EAGLES Award for 2020:

S/N Name of Pupil


Class CCA Category
1 TAY JIA QI ANGELINE P6-2 Cadet Scouts Leadership
2 CHUA YIHONG P6-2 Infocomm Club Service
3 RIZQ AQASHA BIN SUHAIZAT P6-2 Infocomm Club Achievement
Media Service Service
6 ANG KAI JUN, SHAWN P6-4 Self-Defence Sports Leadership
7 CHONG SHAN RUI P6-4 Speech & Drama Club Service
8 CHUA KAI QIN KYLIE P6-4 Speech & Drama Club Service
9 LEE YANG JIE DEXTER P6-4 Infocomm Club Service
10 MUHAMMAD KARIM BIN RAHMAT P6-4 Infocomm Club Service
11 NUR BATRISYIA BINTE AYUB P6-4 Choir Achievement
12 TAN JIA ZI P6-4 Brownies Achievement
13 TAN YI JUN CHERLYN P6-4 Traditional Dance (Chinese) Leadership
14 NUR ALIESHA SABRINA BINTE AZREEN P6-4 Traditional Dance (Malay) Leadership
15 ALIKA BATRISYA PUTRI AMIR HAMZAH P6-5 Traditional Dance (Malay) Leadership
16 CAI WANXIN P6-5 Choir Achievement
17 ERNEST LIW EN ZE P6-5 Self-Defence Sports Leadership
18 PANG KAI RONG GERARD P6-5 Infocomm Club Service
19 SOH HUI LIN LORETTA P6-5 Traditional Dance (Chinese) Achievement
20 TEO FENG Qi P6-5 Student Council Leadership
Speech & Drama Club Service
21 THAQIF BIN RIDUAN P6-5 Cadet Scouts Service
22 TIEU YIJUN P6-5 Infocomm Club Achievement
Student Council Leadership
23 WANG RUOXI P6-5 Speech & Drama Club Service
24 KEE KE LE P5-2 SIG - Saving Gaia Service
25 LOW JI YONG ALBERT P5-2 Cadet Scouts Leadership
SIG - Saving Gaia Leadership
26 HANEY ARRYNA BINTE AMERAZID P5-3 Athletics Leadership
27 LEE JUN LE P5-4 Basketball Leadership
28 SOO HUI XUAN P5-4 SIG - Saving Gaia Service
29 KESHWINI THENNARASU P5-5 Student Council Leadership
30 YEONG ZI XUAN CHERISE P5-5 SIG - Saving Gaia Service
31 NG HALL P4-1 SIG - ALP Service
32 NAJLA BINTE MOHAMED IDRIS P4-2 Badminton Achievement
33 ONG WAN QING ACELYNN P4-4 iDesign & Visual Arts Service
34 NG WILBERT P4-5 Badminton Achievement
35 NICOLE NG XIN HUI P4-5 SIG - ALP Achievement

Below are some comments or feedback from the CCA teachers regarding our award recipients:

Low Ji Yong Albert (P5-2)

Albert is an excellent role model for the other members in Cadet Scouts CCA. He demonstrated great responsibility in teaching good values to the younger cub scouts. He is patient when leading his CCA team and is well-liked by his fellow cadet scouts.

Albert is also an active member in SIG- VIA Club. As Green Ambassador and ESN Member, he shows his enthusiasm by clarifying any doubts he has. He takes the initiative to assist his teachers and peers during activities, and also helps to lead his peers in data collection during bird observation. The data is uploaded on the iNaturalist international website for online sharing. He attended the optional NSS ESN online talks willingly  and took part in the 2020 NSS ESN Colouring Contest.

TIEU YIJUN (P6-5, Student Council)

Yijun, the Head Student Councilor in TWPS, is an exemplary role model for her peers. She helps to oversee the whole Student Council and has demonstrated great commitment and responsibility.

Yijun is also an active member in Infocomm club. She represented the school in the 2020 MOE "Our Schools, Our Stories" Photo Contest, as well as “Safety Starts With Me: Animation and Short Film” competition.


Rizq Aqasha is a dedicated member of the Infocomm Club who has been carrying out his duties since primary 3.  Rizq has been patiently mentoring the younger members in the discharge of their duties.  He is very dependable and can be entrusted to manage the sound system during school events.

Rizq also represented the school in the 2020 MOE "Our Schools, Our Stories" Photo Contest.


Feng Qi is very serious and committed to the task given to him. He is an eloquent speaker and a confident communicator in his CCA – Speech and Drama Club. Feng Qi cares a lot for the younger member and is like a big brother to them in the CCA. He always encourages them to put in their best effort during rehearsals and is willing to share with them useful skills which he has gained from his own experience in his CCA. This year, Feng Qi was roped in to perform in several events such as Chinese New Year Concert, TWPS Joy and National Day Video presentation. He did an excellent job in all the projects assigned to him. In addition, he was also selected to be in the SYF Opening Ceremony Drama Presentation.