Our Uniformed Group

Our CCA are designed to cater to our pupils’ holistic well-being. We believe that we need to help pupils develop the skills, values and attitudes to manage their learning, emotional development, social interactions and physical well-being. Equipping them with the appropriate skills and nurturing the right attitudes and dispositions will help them to lead wholesome lives well into their teenage years and adulthood.

Uniformed Group Day / Time Teachers-in-Charge Email Addresses Description
Cadet Scouts Thursdays / 2.15-4.15pm Ms Lim Mingli

Ms Chamayne Yang

Mrs Samantha Ting

Ms Tuo Xiane





Scouting skills and knowledge will be passed on to the members. They will learn about the Scouts’ Law and take part in teambuilding, problem solving skills, campcraft and outdoor skills.