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Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

From the Principal’s Desk

Education is one of the most precious gifts that we can give any child. It is this belief that spurs the dedicated educators and staff in Teck Whye Primary School (TWPS). The focus of education in the school is not only the pursuit of academic excellence but more importantly to develop pupils of character anchored in positive and enduring values, and with a heart to contribute to community and country. In TWPS, every child matters and each is at the centre of the decisions we make.

Since the end of 2013, we have articulated the key outcomes and the related values that we desire for our pupils. We aim to develop:

  • Confident Communicators who Engage with Respect
  • Healthy Individuals who Exercise Responsibility
  • Adaptive Leaders who Collaborate with Integrity
  • Model Citizens who Encourage through Compassion
  • Passionate Learners who Learn with Resilience

Our rallying call is for our Teck Whyean CHAMPs to EXCEL. Each Teck Whyean will aspire to always do better so as to achieve his or her personal best.

The school’s programmes and activities are geared towards Strong Fundamentals and Future Learnings. This ensures that pupils are developed holistically and equipped with the knowledge, skills, values and dispositions that are essential in the 21st Century. Teck Whyeans get many opportunities to discover their talents and passions, and to excel in their pursuits.

We aspire to provide all our pupils with a vibrant learning environment by leveraging engaging learning spaces and innovative teaching pedagogies. We want the school to be a place that stimulates and nurtures the pupils’ imagination and intellectual curiosity. The school also believes that providing a good education for the pupils involves working closely with all our stakeholders and building strong supportive partnerships.

I hope our school website gives you an insight into life in our close knit community of learning and provides you with the information you seek. I welcome your suggestions to further improve the content provided. You can send your feedback to

Suraj Nair

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