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Holistic Health

Holistic Health


The HHNetwork is designed to cater to our pupils’ holistic well-being. We believe that we need to help pupils develop the skills, values and attitudes to manage their learning, emotional development, social interactions and physical well-being. Equipping them with the appropriate skills and nurturing the right attitudes and dispositions will help them to lead wholesome lives well into their teenage years and adulthood.

Signature Programmes

  • Sports Education Programme (including golf, and archery)
  • Swimsafer Programme
  • Viva Programme for fitness
  • Co-curricular Activities. All CCA except Leadership would be held on Thursday from 2.45 pm to 4.45 pm.


Soccer (Boys) OIC: Mdm Azlina
AIC: Mr Shamsudin
Mr Dennes
(Teck Whye Multi-Sports Club):
Table Tennis(Boys & Girls)
OIC: Mdm Nerwati
AIC: Mdm Mari
Mdm Joyce Liew
Mr Andrew Koh
Hockey (Boys & Girls) OIC: Mr Jagindran S/O Krishnan
AIC: Ms Yoong Cai Ngo
Miss Nurulhuda Ramliee
Mdm Khairunnisa
OIC: Mdm Juraida Miswari
AIC: Jolene
Sepak Takraw (Boys) OIC: Mdm Zuraidah Hamdan
AIC: Kavitha
Table Tennis
OIC: Mr Koh CH
AIC: Ms Lim Mingli
(Boys & Girls)
OIC: Ms Kek Lay Kin
AIC:  Mdm Chong Sieh Yern
Mdm Sakinah

Uniformed Groups

Brownies OIC: Ms Lee Soo Chuen
AIC: Ms Chamayne Yang
Mdm Sapiah
Mdm Lim Lay Cheng
 Cadet Scouts  OIC: Ms Tan Xiu Ying Eileen
AIC: Ms Calista
Mr Justin Lim Kiam Peng
Mdm Rani

Performing Arts

Choir OIC: Ms Abigail Teng
AIC: June Tan
Ms Yang Fan
 Malay Dance  OIC: Mdm Faridah Bte A Aziz
AIC: Ms June Wong Jing Hui
Ms Guan Tingren
Chinese Dance OIC: Ms Qiu Yanyun
AIC: Mdm Vennila
Ms Michelle Lim Gek Khim
Ms Sherene Tan Sin Min


Infocomm Club OIC:  Ms Gan Yeh Li
AIC:  Mdm Charmian Chng
Ms Zuraidah bte Mistam
Mdm Farhanah
Ms Keng Gek Yong
Mdm Dawn Chew
Mr Zaki
Mr Alvin
 iDesign Club  OIC1:  Mdm Cynthia Chang
(Design Thinking/3D Printing)
OIC2: Ms Sutha Krishnan
(Design Thinking and Art Design)
AIC:   Mdm Nurul Huda Misman
Mdm Lynn Yeo Mui Poh
 Saving Gaia (ViA)  OIC:  Mdm Masnah Bte Masod
AIC: Ms Yip Lai Kheng
Ms Durgeswary
Ms Swee Siow Hui
Mr Victor Ang
 Speech & Drama Club  OIC: Mdm Mariani Bte Abd Rahim
AIC:  Mdm Tan Lay Hwa
Mrs Juliana Loke


*Leadership OIC:  Ms Samantha Ting
AIC:  Ms Estherelda Chin
Mdm Jameela
Mdm Karen Ong

*Held on Tuesday from 4.15 pm to 5.30 pm

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